Gwili Steam Railway

Access Statement

Access Information

The Gwili Steam Railway is a tourist railway run by volunteers and a small number of paid staff.  It has been called the 'Friendly Line'. We pride ourselves on being helpful to all and will do what we can to make your visit enjoyable.  We run a mixture of Steam and Diesel engines, throughout the year.

Due to the nature of our operation, some areas are not accessible to wheelchair users and those with mobility problems.  The carriages are pre 1950's design and have narrow corridors leading to the compartments.  Some wheelchair users may not be able to access the carriages from the corridor.  The Dining carriage has fixed tables which cannot be moved which may not be suitable for some bariatric guests, and those with mobilty problems.

If you have a unusual or specific requirement, please feel free to telephone beforehand, so we can make any reasonable adjustments so you can better enjoy your visit.

The Railway is approached off the B4301 road approximately 300m from its junction with the A484. Entry to the Railway is adjacent to the Signal Box.

There is a regular bus service from Carmarthen town - details and timetables should be obtained from Morris Brothers and First Great Western Buses.

There are three dedicated disabled parking places to the left as you enter
the Car Park. There is also parking available for coaches.

Bronwydd Arms Station

  • The Car Park at Bronwydd Arms is level and part tarmac finish.
  • There are toilet facilities at the North end of the Car Park, which has a larger space WC suitable for those in wheelchairs and incorporates a unit for baby changing. There is an alarm system in this WC and retractable hand rails. The toilet block is accessed by ramp.
  • The Signal Box is accessed via ten steps and is not wheelchair or pushchair accessible. Care must be taken with children and guests who have mobility issues and sight impairments when accessing the signal box.
  • The Tearooms are located below the Signal box and is built from 2 converted Victorian railway carriages.  Access to the Tearooms is either up 4 steps at the north end or through the larger fire exit at the south end of the Tearooms which has a ramped approach.
  • The tables are fixed but the chairs are free standing which does allow easier access for wheelchairs.  The entrance to the rear carriage is a narrow archway which wheelchairs may not be able to go through.
  • Pushchairs and buggies should be left outside of the Tearooms.
  • Access to the platform is via a tarmac path which runs behind the Signal Box. Crossing the track to the platform is level and is a rubberised surface. Care must be taken with wheelchair users and those with sight imparements as there is no guard rail to the trackside.
  • The platform has a tarmac finish with a ramp from the path to the platform. There are gates either side of the pedestrian crossing behind the signal box and at the end of the platform to prevent pedestrian access during train movements across the level crossing. The platform edge has a tactile surface finish for those guests with sight impairments.
  • The Booking Office is located in the Station Building on the platform, which also doubles as the souvenir shop. There is one step into the shop. The shop is wheelchair accessible with care but is small.  Staff will assist passengers where necessary to get access into the shop.
  • A converted guards compartment is available on the train which is large enough to take wheelchairs, pushchairs and prams.
  • Please let the staff in the Booking Office know if you require any additional assistance to get access to the train compartments and they will inform the train guard. Please advise the Guard where you intend to get off of the train so that suitable arrangements can be made.
  • A ramp is available for train access.
  • The train ride is approximately 10 to 15 mins between stations.

Llwyfan Cerrig

The train stops on its way to Danycoed Halt and again on its return.

  • The platform surface is tarmac.
  • The station building has double doors which allows wheelchair access.
  • A larger space WC is available at this station and doubles up as a baby changing facility. There is an alarm system in this WC and retractable hand rails.
  • All WC's at this station have level access off of the platform.
  • A sloping gravel path leads onto the lower picnic site. Staff will be happy to provide assistance to passengers in negotiating this path should they wish.
  • The lower picnic site is grass and uneven in places.
  • Catering outlet is located next to the Station Building on the platform.
  • Access the the Miniature Railway is across the south crossing adjacent to the toilet facilities. The surface is uneven and laid to stones but is accessible to wheelchair users and pushchairs with care.
  • The Miniature Railway is not able to carry wheelchairs or pushchairs.
  • The catering staff will bring refreshments to passengers should they wish. If you have any allergies or specific dietary requirements, these should be notified in advance.  Snacks from the Quarry Kitchen are all pre packed and allergy information is displayed on the makers packaging.
  • During Santa's Magical Steamings in December, the marquee is on the level and is usually carpetted and is accessible for wheelchair users. However, the grotto is quite small and restrictive for larger parties.
  • Care must be taken by ALL guests visiting the Railway and obey ANY and ALL instructions given by Railway staff.  Railway staff are usually identified by them wearing Orange Hi-Vis work wear and/or name badges.  If you are unsure of anyones identity or the instruction appears unreasonable, you should report this to the Booking Office in Bronwydd Arms, who can advise the Line Manager.

For an independent review of The Gwili Railway for wheelchair users, click here to see the entry on the Disabled Holiday Info website.

The Gwili Railway Company Ltd can accept no liability for failure to operate advertised services or attractions.


Gwili Steam Railway, Bronwydd Arms Station, Bronwydd Arms, Carmarthen, SA33 6HT. Tel (01267) 238213 (Mon-Fri-10am-4pm)