Abergwili groundworks completed

Abergwili Dan Do update…
Day five of the groundworks contract for the Dan Do Shed Appeal. Another sunny day in West Wales!

Work has now moved on to bring the ground surface up to the same level as the track in the platform. Surplus spoil on site is loaded by the 50 ton bucket into the dumper trucks.

One photo shows the spoil being removed in the vicinity of where the second platform will be built. The dumper trucks then make their way to the unloading area where the tracked bulldozer gets it roughly level. The vibrating roller then follows it to compact the spoil and the process repeats itself. The photo of the roller and bulldozer is taken at the very south end of the site, approximately where the back end of the shed will be.

Several shipping containers have had to be temporary moved around the site to allow the works to continue and will be repositioned as part of the final clear up.


As part of the clearance work we’d asked our contractor, A Williams Contract Services Ltd of Llandysul, to relocate several shipping containers once the site had been levelled. These are now in a position to be removed by rail and reused elsewhere on the railway. The end panel of track will be removed and the southern turnout of the run round loop will be installed here.

A bird’s eye view from the water pipe Bridge 4a.

The view looking north with the end of track and pipe bridge in the distance. The earth moving machines are parked up ready to leave site Friday morning.

The A485 dual carriageway will have one lane coned off from 9.00am to allow these machines to be taken away by road transporters.

Abergwili Dan Do Shed Appeal…
What next?
The next phase for the GVCG and the Gwili Railway is to raise up to £100,000 for the building of the shed for the carriages. This will be matched pound for pound by a benefactor but only when we reach 50k. Can you help?

The third phase would be to raise between 90-120k to build the road access into Abergwili so we can create a car park and our new station. Can you help?

What are the benefits to you as a tax payer?

We have the GVCG charity which means your donation goes to them. You can then claim back gift aid or reduce your tax by making a donation.

Looking south again with the present Abergwili Junction platform on the right with some rolling stock stored on the Loop. The photographer is standing on what one day will become another platform, a station building will be built on the flat area and to the left will be the car park, accessed off the A485.

For now we are very satisfied with what we have achieved this week and now need to plan our next phases of the Dan Do Carriage Shed Appeal to provide covered accommodation for our historical rolling stock.