Activity Superstore Vouchers

Dear Customers,

Activity Superstore Vouchers:

  • Only valid on standard running days April-October
  • Not valid on Special Events or dining trains
  • Not valid on Santa’s Magical Steam Trains
  • Valid for 12 months but only during April-October not December, i.e. if purchased in October to December you can use them in 2020 between April and October
  • Not exchangeable by our ticket office
  • Any queries you must contact Activity Superstore as the reseller not Gwili Railway
  • Contact details for Activity Superstore can be found on the voucher or online

Please note that Activity Superstore Vouchers are not a Gwili Railway Company. It is a special offer whereby we reduce our ticket price and give a discount. We cannot refund or exchange these vouchers. The vouchers and T&Cs are clearly stated. Although they are valid for 12 months they are only valid between April and October on the railway standard running days.