Help fundraise for the Gwili from your armchair!


Do you order Christmas presents on-line?
Do you book holidays, hotels or insurance on-line?

If you do, are you aware that you can earn a “commission” for the Gwili Railway simply by accessing retailers and service providers through ?

If you haven’t used before, simply log in to their website or app, and follow the simple instructions, putting “Gwili Railway” in the Get Started box.

Ordering goods or services is then quite simple. Each time, just log in to the easyfundraising website or app, choose your retailer or service provider from the available list, and their website will appear. (The majority of household names are there, but not all). Then you order as normal. You don’t have to be a GRPS member to do this, so please ask your friends and relatives to follow your example!

Thank you.

Confidentiality: You can browse and order in complete confidentiality. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act, the Gwili Railway is not allowed to know your personal details or what you’re ordering. The Railway is sent a periodic report which shows only a summary of orders, together with the number of persons using the service and the total of commission earned.