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Gwili Railway, Carmarthen, Gb

This website has been designed to be accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

We know that some people with disabilities find using the web difficult and, whilst it’s impossible to design a site that everyone can use, we are committed to making the web as accessible as possible and try really hard to demonstrate this in all the products we create.

If you have problems using our site, please let us know and we’ll make every effort to help.


The Gwili Steam Railway is a tourist railway run entirely by volunteers and is often called the ‘Friendly Line’. We pride ourselves on being helpful to all and will do what we can to make your visit enjoyable.

Due to the nature of our operation, some areas are not accessible. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us beforehand, so that the Booking Clerk is aware of your visit. We will make the necessary arrangements for you.

a steam train on a track with smoke coming out of it

Abergwili Junction Station

Please contact the Ticket Office on your arrival.

Directions: The Railway is approached off the A485 dual carriageway approximately 300m from the A40 roundabout. Brown tourist signs direct you to the Railway from the A40 and again from the A485.

At present there is NO PEDESTRIAN access to the site.

Parking: The large car park has dedicated disabled parking spaces near the Ticket Office and adjacent to the tearooms. On busy days (Cream Tea days, special events) please allow plenty of time for your journey to the railway and to catch your train. (It is advised that you turn up 20mins before your train departs).

  • The car park has a gravelled stone surface.
  • The booking office and shop is located to your right off the car park and there is also a second hand Bookshed adjacent to it.
  • The Victorian Tea Rooms are also located adjacent to the Ticket Office. The Tearooms are contained in Victorian Railway coaches and accessed by a wooden ramp to the wide access door or by a smaller doorway up 3 wooden steps. The tearooms have dedicated tables for wheelchair users.
  • Both ‘Toilets’ and ‘To the Trains’ are signposted from the Ticket Office.
  • The walk to the platform is over a gravelled stone surface
  • There are toilet facilities at the south end of the platform with a wide access unit doubling as a baby changing facility.

Platform: The platform and ramp are grit surfaced

Llwyfan Cerrig Station

a group of people standing in a train station

Platform: The platform has a tarmac surface. 

  • There are toilet facilities on the platform with a wide access toilet unit which doubles as a baby changing facility.  
  • Currently, there is no catering facility at Llwyfan Cerrig Station.

The Carriage and Wagon workshop is accessible with care.  The space available around the carriages in restricted in places.

  • The Miniature Railway is not suitable for those with severe mobility issues or wheelchair users.

Picnic Area: Sloped footpaths allow access to the picnic area which is down from the platform.  Care needs to be taken as the surface is uneven and can be slippery.  Should you require assistance please ask a member of staff.

  • Picnic area is grassy and relatively level.
  • The picnic site has wooden picnic tables and the surface is grass, but uneven in places.
  • The upper picnic area is out of use and not accessible to any passenger at present. 

There are 2 crossings across the track which are used for different events at different times.  The surface is predominantly stony and is a little uneven in places.

Danycoed Halt

a train engine carrying carts down a track



Danycoed Halt has a platform that is level.

Passengers can disembark the train to watch the engine change ends of the train.  

There are no facilities currently at this station.

Abergwili Junction

a train on a steel track


  • Two small steps up to get into the Mark 1 carriages which are normally in use with the steam engines.  
  • There is a toilet in the Mark 1 coaches but is not suitable for wheelchair users.
  • The doors are narrow so those with mobility difficulties or are using sticks or walkers may find access to the carriages awkward through those doors.  
  • The guards van offers a wider access and a portable slope is carried to allow wheelchair users etc to have an easier access on and off the train.  
  • The carriages have a narrow corridor which precludes wheelchair users from accessing the compartments.
  • The ramp and guards compartment are also used for buggies and prams. 

Please note – the onboard toilets are NOT to be used in the station limits or when the train is stationary.

The Dining car (TSO) which seats 64 passengers is used for dining events and is not accessible by wheelchair users. However, those with some mobility can be seated with assistance.

There is insufficient space for buggies and prams in the TSO.  

Please note– we do not have high chairs for the smaller children due to the configuration of the Dining car.

Travelling Post Office carriage is not accessible to wheelchair users.

a group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant

The Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) also has an area where wheelchair users can access the carriage.  As with the other carriages, access through the carriages is narrow and precludes wheelchair users form accessing the carriages.

The DMU also carries a ramp which allows access on and off the train.  It also is used for buggies and prams. 

There is a toilet on the DMU and the restrictions in usage are as above.

a group of people sitting on a bench posing for the camera

Special Events

During the year, Gwili Steam Railway runs several special events.  These events may impact the accessibility to the Railway.  Please check the event-specific page or contact us for details.