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Access to Gwili Railway

The Gwili Steam Railway is a tourist railway run entirely by volunteers and is often called the ‘Friendly Line’.  We pride ourselves on being helpful to all and will do what we can to make your visit enjoyable.

Due to the nature of our operation, some aspects contain areas which are not accessible to wheelchair users. If you have a specific requirement, please telephone beforehand, so that the Booking Clerk is aware of your visit. We will make the necessary arrangements for you.

The Railway is approached off the B4301 road approximately 300m. from its junction with the A484. Entry to the Railway is adjacent to the Signal Box.

There are three dedicated disabled parking places to the left as you enter the Car Park.


Bronwydd Arms Station

  • The Car Park is level and part tarmac finish;
  • There are toilet facilities at the North end of the Car Park, and these include a disabled toilet and Baby changing facilities. There is ramped access to the toilets;
  • Catering facilities are available in a converted railway coach located adjacent to the Signal Box. This facility is accessed via a ramp on the Signal Box end;
  • The Signal Box is accessed via ten steps and is not wheelchair accessible;
  • Access to the platform is via a tarmac path which runs behind the Signal Box;
  • The platform has a tarmac finish with a ramp from the path to the platform;


  • The Booking Office is located in the Station Building, which also doubles as the souvenir shop. There is level access into the building;
  • An information sheet is available for passengers. A large print version is available on request;
  • A disabled compartment is available on the train. Please notify the booking office clerk, on your arrival, of your requirements and he/she will arrange for the train guard to be informed. Please advise the Guard where you intend to get off of the train;
  • A ramp is available for train access;
  • The train ride is takes you from Bronwydd Arms to Danycoed Halt (approximately 10 – 15mins) where the train runs around. On its return, the train stops at Llwyfan Cerrig Station (approximately 20mins).

On leaving Llwyfan Cerrig, the train passes through Bronwydd Arms on its journey to Abergwili Junction (approximately 15mins).


Danycoed Halt

Facilities here are minimal and there is no access off the platform. This is where the engine runs around its train for the return South. The platform has a smooth surface.

Llwyfan Cerrig

  • The train stops on its return from Danycoed Halt;
  • The platform surface is tarmac;
  • The station building can be accessed by wheelchairs;
  • Toilets are at the South end of the Station, including a disabled toilet and baby changing facilities. There is level access to the toilets;
  • A path leads to the Picnic site and is a little uneven. Should you require assistance please ask a member of staff;
  • The picnic site has wooden picnic tables and the surface is grass, but uneven in places;
  • The Carriage & Wagon workshop is normally open on running days for viewing. Please contact a member of staff for access. Due to the work being carried out, access for wheelchairs is not available;
  • Catering facilities are normally available on the train*.

Abergwili Junction

  • Facilities here are minimal and at present there is no access off the platform. This is where the engine runs around its train for the return to Bronwydd Arms;
  • The platform has a smooth surface;
  • A ramp leads down to rail level for those wishing to view the train running around.

* Please note. Catering facilities are based at Bronwydd Arms Station; We also endeavour to provide trolley catering facilities on the train; 

The Gwili Railway Company Ltd can accept no liability for failure to operate advertised services or attractions. A Diesel locomotive may be substituted at short notice for operational reasons.